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    Greetings beautiful people! Natural Hair can be frustrating without the proper support and teachings. I am a Natural Hair Care Specialist and Stylist and am passionate about restoring the crown of our people back to its original state. By this I mean: In our society we have been taught to hate ourselves and distorting our kinky hair in a harmful, destructive fashion was one of the ways we would try to change who we really are ... In past times many of us were searching to be accepted by the current (so called) "Dominate Society" and not even realizing that we were doing so. Restoring the crown not only deals with the outer perimeters which is the hair but also deals with our state of mind, knowledge and application to our life ... our soul. The restoration and rising of our communities is primary, while at the same time expressing my love to make things even more beautiful ... including our hair, of course.  

As Natural Hair is one of my specialties; I am here to support your hair goals and concerns as you rally on your natural hair journey. I myself have grown my hair natural since the year 2001 and have experienced hair lost and breakage thru stress and improper care.  From my experiences I was determined to prove that natural hair is supreme, beautiful, stylish, acceptable as well as diverse. Kinky Hair, Curly hair, straightened hair or whatsoever of your choice; but never damaging the hair or practicing destructive fashions.

Our hair is our crown so lets fix it, nurture it, grow it, maintain it, style our crown in your own fashion, express it, and wear it. I am here to show you the beauty of it. Beauty thru hydration, moisture, proper oils and creams, gentle detangling and growth. As a people it's time that we heal a bit more, and our acceptances of ourselves is key. I am here to help you with your crown piece, however you may choose to wear it.

    My hair journey has taught me many things about hair care, the mind set, and the self esteem of the black man and women. Healthy hair is beautiful hair and this is what I successfully share with all my clients; growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair progressing into it's greatest potential. I myself have worked thru my errors and progressed into luxurious and plentiful natural hair growth. I also formulate my own oils (used at the time of service and also for sale) which have been known for healing the scalp and promoting hair growth. I also have a background in the studies of herbal remedies and healing, which is applied to my natural hair care regiments. 

Rest assured you are in good, healing, growing hands when sitting in my chair as I have experience is professionally caring for Natural Hair since 2004. 

My name is Daniele and I am looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for visiting my site. Come back often.


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