Natural Hair Therapist

Natural hair is more than a style, it is a way of healing. Daniele has been called the “Natural Hair Therapist”, her healing techniques go beyond her hair services. Ms Johnson has been a professional hair stylist in Maryland since 2004. She has created a natural hair space where you can receive holistic, nurturing , and balancing hair and scalp treatments.

Daniele has researched and formulated  an oil elixir that stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. "Her hair oils are addictive", says her clients; it transforms,  nurtures the scalp, helps to diminishes several scalp disorders such as dermatitis and dandruff to name a few. This “liquid gold” increases elasticity, strengthens and seals in moisture. One of her specialties is to recover textured hair from heat damage, with a balance of protein treatments, a deep conditioning  regime and protective styling services. Her clientele continues to grow as the community takes their journey towards their natural hair love. She teaches her clients self care, healthy hair management and product knowledge.

"Beautiful Hair is Healthy hair and this is what I successfully share with all my clients; growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair progressing into it's greatest potential ! "

Daniele has a vision for an awesome future for the natural beauty industry.  She is planning a wellness center; providing a variety of therapeutic practices. As an educator Ms Johnson’s wellness center will have a  bookstore with a versatile selection of literature on health, food, herbal practices and more.

“Naturally textured  hair is your crown; to be honored, accepted and loved.”


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