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Our natural hair is as unique as one finger print is to the next. Our hair goes wrong when it's just simply out of balance. Breakage, stunted hair growth, inconsistent curl patterns from heat damage, dandruff, itchy scalp, dryness and brittleness are all results of a problem that hasn't yet been solved. Learning the requirements to develop and maintain balance is essential and different for every person. There are a set of general required techniques and then there are specifics tailored to each individual. Learning to properly care for our natural hair type is not taught in our beauty and cosmetology schools, therefore; we have been learning thru trial and error and sharing information amongst our community. Many also complain of the limited number cosmetologist there are who will properly care for natural hair, repair, rejuvenate, and teach a routine that will produce and maintain a healthy head of natural hair. Below are some general tips that all may find beneficial.



Some Basics We All Should Know About Our Natural Hair: (Loose Hair)

1. Set a consistent hair care routine. Our hair does not like to be dirty. Three weeks is the maximum which we should go without washing or with keeping a style in. Four weeks if styled with box braids or of that like. If you are serious about focusing on growth and retention, then we must give our hair attention weekly. Set aside a self care day each week for yourself and your hair. Wash with a moisture shampoo. Depending on the condition of your hair and your hair type, some may require a weekly wash and conditioning routine where as others will do well with a biweekly routine. But it is important to set your routine and be consistent. 

2. Deep condition your hair weekly. If you want to focus on growth, this is how we retain length. Set aside a day to take care of you. This will be the day to wash and deep condition your hair. Give it a good "one time" wash for that week and then thoroughly apply a deep conditioner thru every strand while also focusing on the ends. Follow the directions on container (although many textures will do well with leaving the deep conditioner in longer than instructed). Learn to create balance, at your discretion you may do well with a two week regiment instead of weekly. Rise with cool water.

3. Know when to apply a protein treatment. It is important to balance with protein when necessary. Some people alternate weeks with protein where other may hardly need protein treatments. Apply protein before your deep conditioning session.

4. A Leave-in Conditioner is always necessary. Never comb, detangle or style your natural without applying some sort of leave in conditioner after you have rinsed out your deep conditioner. Our curls love to tango and lock into each other. Be good to them and give them some added moisture to help them slip apart while gentle separating them.

5. Proper and Gentle Detangling = long full hair. Only use the proper combs and brushes for your curl texture. Using only your hands, section your hair into 4 -6 sections.  Take your time working at each section to detangle your curls from the bottom up. Remember that a comb is not suppose to slip straight thru our culs. The comb is to aid is separating and detangling our curls. Finish a section and once you have detangled it thoroughly, then move on to the next. No need to unnecessarily comb repeatedly for want that the comb slides and glides thru. This can cause unnecessary breakage.

5. Apply oils. Focus on applying quality oils to the scalp to nurture the skin and promote growth. apply while hair is still wet. (Do not use hair grease, or pomades that contain petroleum jelly, etc ... this clogs and does nothing else for the hair and scalp.) Then massage the oils from the scalp down to the rest of the hair. Oils seal in the moisture that you have worked in thru deep conditioning and the leave- in conditioning. 

6. Style. There are many ways you can create different stylist textures in your curls. Your natural curl pattern will determine the technique that you will favor as your "go-to" styling aid. 

7. Maintain. Within the next days of that week you can choose to spray the hair with water or a refresher mix, wet it in the shower, or you can choose to use no water at all ... but no need to comb daily... save the thorough detangling for your wash self care day (weekly) .... btw, if your curls are poppin ! You won't want to go combing them out so soon, unless of course if it's wash day.


Some Basics We All Should Know About Our Natural Hair: (Locs)

1.Wash monthly or less. With locs you can go a little longer between regiments as we are not concerned with separating the curls. So there is no concern for hair breakage and retention is a bit of a guarantee with hair locs. Locs should not go longer that 4 weeks without being washed. Some people should wash every 2 to 3 weeks depending on your lifestyle. Locs like to pick up and hold on to so much such as lent, oils, sweat, odors, etc. Keeping the locs clean is vital to a happy loc journey. Always wash with warm-hot water to ensure a progressive wash session. 

2. Deep Conditioning. Locs also need deep conditioning, but you must be careful with how you go about this process. There are specific conditioners to use that will rinse thoroughly as you do not want to create a buildup. Conditioning locs ensures less breakage of older locs and less shedding of smaller hair particles. Locs will become softer and more pliable over time with consistent deep conditioning routines. Rinse warm to cool water.

3. Leave-in Conditioning. Locs need leave-in conditioning also. It is preferred to use a liquid spray leave-in for locs so you are sure not to create a build up. Rose water works best! Do not use cream leave in conditioners. Rose water with an Vitamin E oil is perfect to soften and leave in. 

4. Apply oils. Focus on applying quality oils to the scalp to nurture the skin and promote growth. Do not use hair grease, or pomades that contain petroleum jelly, etc ... this clogs and created a terrible build up in the locs and does nothing else for the hair and scalp. Then apply more oil into the loc all the way to the ends. Oils will seal in the moisture that you have worked in, thru deep conditioning and the leave- in conditioning. Apply pleasant smelling essential oils of an anti-fugal and anti-bacterial quality to ensure that your locs are truly clean and righteous (add them into your carrier oils).

5. Dry your locs. Be sure to dry your locs thoroughly before wrapping, binding, braiding or styling them in anyway. This way you wont have a sour smell lingering from them.

Note: It is not wise to use to much products on your locs. Locs are simple and natural, be sure your routine for your locs stays simple, clean and moisturizing.

Never use anything on the locs if it doesn't move in the bottle. Use only liquids when applying products. Remember; keep it simple.


Deep Conditioning and Regular Conditioning are different.

It is important to replenish the nutrients in the scalp and hair when washing the hair. You replenish by applying conditioners and oils.

Sleeping on a satin pillow or wrapping the hair with satin material or a bonnet is another one of those small details that make big differences. This helps to retain moisture thus retaining length and fullness. If you like to sleep without wrapping your hair, this is just fine as long as you have your satin pillow.

Moisture is vital to our hair as we have supper curls that like to hold on to each other. Moisture helps up to separated our curls without breakage. Moisture is also important as our texture wants application of product, oils, butters and creams to help it balance, retain length and become more manageable.

Oils are to be applied to the scalp and hair while it is still wet. Oils are used to seal in moisture and to nurture the scalp. Proper hydration and moisture happens with conditioning, not with oil applications.


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